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Personalized Pricing Packages

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.
Platinum Package
Platinum Package

$ 350 - 450

  • ✅ Yahoo Finance
  • ✅ Digital Journal
  • ✅ Street Insider
  • ✅ Globe and Mail
  • ✅ Business Insider
  • & 300 more options
Standard Package
Standard Package

$ 75 - 119

  • Distribute your press release to 400+ media outlets

Premium Package
Premium Package

$ 150

  • ✅ AP News
  • ✅ Asia One
  • ✅ Street Insider
  • ✅ NewsMax
  • & 300 more options

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Best Press Release Distribution Service


Spotless Track Record in Pushing Top Stories

An online press release or PR distribution service allows your business to reach a wide range of media outlets, social media influencers, and journalists. This helps with brand visibility as well as long-term SEO by establishing your authority in your market. It’s also an excellent way to develop trustworthiness in your niche and outrank your competitors.

Service providers often have a vast media database to push the content to. You can use these services to boost your online visibility, distribute your news about an announcement or offer, and get noticed by the leading news sites including the Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Fox News Network, MSN, and USA Today. These wire services help you reach the inbox of a potential customer or an interested journalist who can offer brand coverage. Search engines also prioritize businesses that have the news release box checked.

Ultimately, a press release distribution network makes any announcement reach as many as a million contacts. These agencies provide distribution services built on top of years of collaboration and trust and can be an effective way to get known in the industry.

What is a Press Release Distribution Service?


A press release distribution service is an agency that has contacts with media outlets. These agencies can help your business reach a wide range of people. When you submit a press release using a reputed press release distribution service, you reach a list of high-value and often premium media outlets, contacts, and journalists. A lot of services additionally syndicate your content across various media sites automatically, giving you much more exposure. All of this helps your brand reach newer levels of exposure and get linked back from reputed, authority sites for SEO purposes. Over time, effective press releases form an opinion about your business. Depending on what you’re offering, you might be approached to be covered by journalists and influencers.

For all this, it’s very important to choose the right press release distribution services agency. You can’t just submit press release using any provider. They might offer limited coverage, offer bad content writing, have no customer support, or stick to only one form of media. A good service provider such as SEOAce doesn’t have those shortcomings. We’re experts in submitting visual press releases that get the traction.

Submit Your Content as Press Releases for Visibility & SEO


You can use press release distribution networks to push your content to media outlets. This, in turn, allows your brand to become more visible. It can also lead to collaboration opportunities or additional media coverage. As a side benefit, it also helps in the SEO department. A typical press release distribution includes some text about your brand or product. For example, if you have an enticing offer from your business for Black History month, we can curate the perfect message that will be picked up by media outlets and social media influencers.

In this way, your product, offer, and brand get a lot of traction. Capitalizing on such opportunities is vital to ensuring success in the modern competition. That’s why we highly recommend that you start distributing your press release content using our reliable, high-quality

Best Agency to Release to Journalists & Top Media Sites


Though there are several services offering press releases, it’s the cost you need to worry about. You can’t be breaking the bank to get a constant boost to your brand and SEO. Here at SEOAce, we allow you to choose your own press release distribution cost, tailoring an individualized plan just for your brand. This helps us provide better results while keeping your expenses under budget.

You can easily share your news with your target audiences by using a global press release distribution system. Also, we make sure that there’s ample multimedia content when it comes to news distribution. All forms of news content, including financial news, can do better with images, charts, infographics, and better text formatting to make your story stand out. We know this and distribute press releases accordingly

Media Monitoring, Latest Updates, Feature as Top Stories, and More


Say hello to the best press release distribution services with SEOAce’s proven track record. We have all the leading newsrooms at our disposal. Gain access to all premium media outlets at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Media Monitoring
  • Push Latest Updates
  • Feature as a Top Story Frequently
  • Business Looking Content
  • High Press Coverage
  • Release to Relevant Outlets

Nail EReleases & Send Your Press Release to a Wide Network


Thousands of press releases are distributed through leading press release agencies, but not all of them get the time of the day. We help you effectively nail these e-releases. With expert copywriters and designers, we know just how to make it stick on the wall. Our releases directly help you boost your brand presence in a big way.

Don’t wait any longer! Supercharge your brand and release your news to the industry with SEOAce today. You can measure the impact with a detailed report. We help businesses grow organically with our media contacts.

Press Release Service: FAQs

Do press releases work in 2024?

Yes. In fact, press releases are one of the most effective ways to get traction and get known in the industry.

What are the key advantages of sending out a press release?

You can distribute your news to traditional media outlets and journalists for brand exposure. Interested journalists and influencers might also get in touch. It also helps in SEO.

How do I reach people who browse news?

The job of a PR news release is not to reach people looking for news, but to reach media outlets that cover news. It's purely for visibility and reach, including on Google News.

What can I use press releases for?

You can use them to get brand exposure, more visibility for your products, or just better long-term SEO value. It's a completely white hat process.

Will these press releases go to people's inboxes?

No. You can engage with target audiences across channels by offering high-authority content, such as infographics and PDF ebooks, to reach people's inboxes. A PR news entry goes to media lists. For example, we have access to all major editorial services and our media partners include leading journalists. We ensure your news can target journalists with the right content for nurtured relationships and inquiries.

What makes you better than Newswire, Business Wire, or Cision?

Compared to Presswire, Cision PR Newswire, or others, you are paying a very high price per release. They also have a much higher volume, which keeps them from realizing the full potential of their clients by offering individualized treatment. We make sure your content is seen by the right outlets and journalists for the maximum impact at much more affordable rates.