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  • Expired Domain Redirect
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Give the backlinks you have created a much needed boost with Tier 2 links. Pass more link juice with tier 2 links to the authority links you have created.

  • EDU/Gov Links – Get backlinks from shcool/university or government websites.
  • Expired Domain Redirect – We will redirect an expired domain with 50+ RD to your desired URL to pass link authorty from expired domain to your URL.
  • DA 50+ Profile Links – Get high authority profile links to boost your tier 1 links.
  • Google News Dofollow Backlinks – Get backlinks from Google News approved sites
  • PBN Links – Get backlinks from high DA PBN Sites at affordable rates.

Tier 1 Backlinks vs Tier 2 Backlinks: Key Differences for SEO

When you get a backlink from an authoritative website or publish a guest post on an external domain, you get a tier 1 backlink. This is a direct link to one of your pages. The next level of link building is when you empower these guest posts that carry your primary link by linking to them. So, let’s say you have 10 guest posts on 10 different high-DR pages or high-DA websites. Now, you purchase 5 tier 2 links to point to each of these 10 guest posts. This is often called tiered link building and is significantly better for your SEO and getting link equity faster.

The impact of tier 2 link building is simply remarkable. A lot of webmasters and business owners only focus on tier 1 link building. They pick high-DR pages and insert their links on them. This is only half the battle. If you invest in tier 2 link building, you can supercharge your website’s SEO and achieve much higher rankings in no time. The value held in tier 2 backlinks is simply underrated. This can give you the right advantage you need to outrank your closest competitors.

The main challenge is that it’s much more difficult to find tier 2 link building opportunities than to find tier 1. That’s where a professional link building campaign from an agency such as ourselves comes into play. We simplify the process of acquiring links for you and we don’t deal in low-quality links. We’re expert link builders with a vast network of tier 2 backlink opportunities for you. Our secondary backlinks can skyrocket your SEO with the most efficient tiered link building strategy.

Tier 2 Link Building: Buy Tier 2 Backlinks to Boost Your SEO

Tier 1 backlinks are designed to boost your SEO. These links contribute heavily to the DA of your site. Every link you get through a guest post on a high-DR page certainly helps, as long as you’re careful about it. Quality links to your domain and pages that link back to you are an instrumental part of the SEO of your site. The bottom line is that these are important. But these aren’t the full picture. Tier 2 links help in ways that can be quite remarkable.

In contrast to tier 1 backlinks to your site, tier 2 backlinks are excellent for building up your website’s SEO and increasing your domain authority. Over time, you can expect a significant boost in your search engine rankings as the link juice trickles down to your domain. High-quality links pointing to existing links that your domain has always form the core of noteworthy SEO strategies employed by the leading SEO agencies in the world. Simply put, high domain authority isn’t possible with just tier 1 backlinks. At

Once you boost up your existing links, these links stand to gain a lot more weight and link juice. This has a snowball effect. That’s why when you build second-tier links, you’re building quality SEO for your site. The benefits of tier 2 backlinks are many. And the best part? The results start to get visible in the matter of a few weeks, if not days.

Why Buy Tier 2 Backlinks? What's the Benefit & Power of Tier 2 Links?

Link building is one of the most powerful SEO strategies for any site. As a result, link acquisition has become an important aspect of SEO for all types and sizes of websites. However, the majority of sites only focus on tier 1 links. It’s only when a site starts to build second tier links can the job be considered complete. Orphan links to your website are just permanent links without any link juice. When your entire backlink profile is analyzed by Google, and it’s spotted that you have hundreds of links pointing to your domain, but those pages, in turn, are not linked, then it means that you’re not linked naturally to begin with.

If those links were contextual and placed on valuable content, those pages themselves would have many inbound links pointing to them.

This makes it extremely important to work on links that point to your existing links. These can be social media links or guest posts where two websites agree to link one website to a page. There are many opportunities for link building in the second-tier segment, but it’s not always easy to find these opportunities.

What are the Right Tier 2 Link Building Techniques?

The right way to build tiered backlinks is straightforward – you find good websites with organic traffic within your niche that can point to your guest posts and other tier 1 links, such as the niche edits and natural backlinks that you have. These will be the 2 tier links for your site. It all depends on whether or not you can find the best sites for tiered link building within your niche.

This step can take longer and that’s why you might require professional help here. It’s not about getting a bunch of outbound links from different sources pointing to a bunch of your guest posts. You have to be careful and do this process naturally to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Best Tier 2 Link Building Service: Supercharge Your Link Building Efforts with Second Tier Links

Our tier 2 link building services are one of the best you can get in the market. As a specialist digital marketing agency, we have a few key highlights that you might be interested in:

  • Relevant Links: We only offer secondary link building that plays a positive role in SEO. Our links are usually aimed at creating a strong link profile.
  • All Dofollow Links: We don’t give you nofollow links from websites and be done with it. Our link building tactics are some of the best in the world of SEO. You’re getting a diverse link profile from the best sources with us.
  • Niche Consideration: When you buy our tier 2 link building service for your site, you’re getting a proper secondary link from the same niche. These are all high-quality backlinks sharing the same broader niche, making them worth so much more.
  • Professional Tier 2 Link Building Strategy: When you buy tier 2 backlinks from us, you’re getting a service that prioritizes ranking the organic way. We’re professionals and with our help, you can place links or accomplish link exchanges to improve your website’s link profile in a meaningful way. Tier 2 links are links just like any other, but the way they work is fundamental to a site’s SEO. We know that and help you capitalize on that with our efficient link schemes.
  • Best Deals: We have the links offer for your site. With affordability and cost-effectiveness in mind, we do tiered link building without breaking the bank. You will get high-quality tier 2 links pointing to your tier 1 links at a fraction of the cost of a high-DA guest post.

Say yes to the best tier 2 backlinks with SEOAce’s excellent tiered link building strategies to increase the performance of your existing links today!


What are tier 2 links?

It's natural to wonder what are tier 2 links and how they help. The answer is simple - these are links pointing to your guest posts on an external site. If you have a backlink from site X, then secondary links will point to that particular page on site X, and not directly to your site's domain.

Why are tier 2 links important for SEO?

A tier 2 link is important to naturally improve the backlink profile of your domain. Tier 1 links are only half of the picture.

Should I buy tier 2 backlinks?

Tier 2 backlinks can always help you. If you're looking for better SEO, more organic traffic, or outranking your competitors on SERPs, then secondary links can definitely help.

Can I really improve my link equity with tier 2 backlinks?

Yes. With the right tier 2 link service, you can improve the link juice that flows back to your domain in a remarkable way.

Should I invest more in tier 1 backlinks or tier 2? Are first tier links more valuable?

It depends on your goals and current traffic. But as a general rule of thumb, you should be getting more tier 2 backlinks for every high-value tier 1 link that you get so that it feels natural.

Why should I buy tier 2 links from SEOAce?

SEOAce is known for its professional service with quick turnaround time and visible results. We offer a specialized tiered link building service that will greatly improve your site's SEO. Our charges are pocket-friendly and we offer detailed reports.

What's the main benefit of a tiered link building technique?

A tiered link building strategy makes your domain appear more authoritative than a domain that only has tier 1 backlinks. In fact, if you only focus on getting high-value tier 1 links and then supplement those pages with many tier 2 links, it's often a better strategy than going for cheaper tier 1 links.

How do I buy tier 2 links that are most effective for my website's SEO?

You have to ensure that all secondary links are in the same niche. Our service does that for you. Get in touch with us to explore all the link opportunities you have for a tiered link building strategy. While creating new links, keep in mind that the spam score of the domain sending these tier 2 links is low.

Who should buy tier 2 links?

Any website can improve its SEO with tier 2 links. They are not part of black hat SEO and it's perfectly normal to get secondary links to support your primary ones. The process involves creating links to your guest posts and not the main domain. As such, any website in any niche can make use of these.

Is it easy to build tier 2 links on my own?

It mainly depends on the niche you're in. Secondary links are designed to improve the existing links for any site. As such, the availability depends on how similar websites there are in a niche, how many of them have good organic traffic, and how many of them are willing to include a link to your tier 1 link pages.